Pool Service & Installation

Spa Mart stock a large range of quality equipment. If any of your pool equipment needs replacing, we have the solution either self install or we can do it for you.

We have a free water analysis system in store, we can log you onto our data base and record comprehensive details on your pool and in turn offer the best advice.

Solar, electric or gas all available through Spa Mart.

Spa Mart has the latest eco power saving pumps and water saving technologies in stock, we can audit your pool and present some cost saving alternatives.

Salt is cost effective and a low maintenance system. the benefits to mineral pools are even better. Mineral systems are non corrosive, healthy and create soft sparkling pool water. It is not difficult to convert an existing pool.

Robotic cleaners save you time and allow your pool to operate at optimum efficiency, there are many to choose from, but the only choice for Spa Mart was the clear winner, the Maytronics Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaners. If you know somebody who owns a Dolphin ask them how good it is.

Spa Service & Installation

No matter how old or rare your spa is, Spa Mart will be able to help you source and replace any equipment needed. Our prices are going to be lower than our opposition.  If your existing equipment can be repaired cost effectively, we will repair it for you.

Spas should be treated very differently to pools, we will test your water for free and advise you on the best treatment regime, this is vital as corrosive water can damage heaters, jets etc’ very quickly.  Our tried and proven easy water care system will allow you to get the most out of your spa.

Spa Mart can explain the best heating option to suit you on any existing or new spa, we keep in stock replacement heaters to suit every brand of spa.

Spa Mart can advise on the most cost effective energy $aving for existing and new spas.

Here at Spa Mart we are tenacious in finding out why your old spa is playing up. We then work out the most cost effective solution and get your spa working again. We can either talk you through it or come to you.

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